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So you've got the Hits.
But do you have the Sales?


Your website needs to sell to pull its weight and that’s precisely what we do:

E-venture, since 2002, develops websites from the ground up to sell your products and information,
turning visitors into active respondents and most importantly
delivering a return on your marketing or public relations investment!



E-venture’s business model focuses on consulting and project management services –
we secure product vision, architecture, assembly and quality assurance of the products and services we deliver.

Our key asset is the establishment of excellent working relationships with a vast number of specialists -
local & international - in all fields of expertise which are required to implement and maintain the complex aspects
of a successful online presentation or brand performance.


    ‘Better Think first, then to regret later..


    ..is a piece of wisdom we like to go by at E-venture. And implementing a web or mobile application – a digitally driven communication tool - involves a great variety of aspects both human and technical that all need to be addressed in order to ensure a successful performance.


    At E-venture we pinpoint and analyze all relevant factors influencing your product vision and provide you with a sustainable online business model developed around your operational needs and securing clear cut marketing results.
    Our greatest asset  is our practical know-how. We bring over 12 years of project experience to the table..


    Business Analysis & Concept Design

    Development of successful online business models


    So you have a great website but no conversions?


    We can help.
    In partnership with PAGE ONE – a newly formed entity focusing on SEO and online marketing - we develop holistic online marketing strategies including state of the art approaches such as


    • - SEO (search engine optimization)
    • - Search engine advertising campaigns
    • - Banner advertising
    • - Content marketing
    • - Newsletter and social media marketing



    Online Marketing

    Progressive, organic conversion strategies


    Design without function is mere decoration.


    At E-venture we design websites with a clear focus on relevance for the end user. The systems we publish are technically and visually easy to access, seamless to navigate and allow a relaxed focus on what you as a business or organization have to offer.


    Web design generally follows a totally different set of principles than print design. We at E-venture are aware of what is technically possible and conceptualize our design accordingly. In fact, we often work closely with classic design agencies with a view on adapting prevalent corporate identity and print design for online publishing.


    Corporate Identity & Interface Design

    Creative, clean brand design. Clever interfaces that are easy and fun to use.


    The internet is a rapidly evolving medium!


    10 years ago animated GIFs could blow us away as a feature rich content display, today we work with HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript to achieve interactive interfaces that combined with a well structured database can easily compete with any software on your computer.


    Online anything goes, and is immediately available to an unlimited network. In this context we develop creative business solutions with a focus on speed, stability and even more so flexibility to enable seamless integration with your core ERP or CRM systems.


    Web & Mobile APP Development

    High performance websites, online shops and business portals


    Successful web performances need constant maintenance.


    A content management system (CMS) allows on the fly maintenance without programming skills and is thereby a prerequisite for most companies or organizations who are professionally marketing online.


    Through our yearlong experience with enterprise content management systems, we may also assist large enterprises with digitalizing their complex management requirements. With Joomla, Drupal or WordPress we may rapidly implement websites at a fair budget. However, experience shows that long-term online strategies amply benefit from implementing a more solid, scalable backend system that can adapt to increasingly specific operational needs.


    Content Management & Cloud business solutions

    Online systems that boost your efficiency and cut your operational costs.

    SEO & Online Marketing

    E-venture & PAGE ONE: a strong partnership securing both hits AND sales!

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

E-venture has successfully been working with siteground for many years - a relationship we can highly recommend if you are looking for prompt support and the highest technical standards!


01 Aug

Facebook 2014 algorithms: The trend of talking 'at' instead of 'to' each other

Liking is an economic act.
See what happened to Mat Honan (Wired.com) who dared to dive into an unusual experiment unveiling the new metrics of success and a problem much, much bigger than Facebook. An amuzing but also all too deep and earnest must read.

05 Jul

MOUSE RAGE SYNDROM: Bad web design can make you ill!

We all know the frustration: a web page is painfully slow to load, layouts are difficult to navigate, pesky pop-ups don't go away or the site we're looking for is unavailable. Our heart starts to race and we vent by frenetically clicking (or bashing) our mouse - as if it's the problem!
Now, thanks to researchers at the SIRC, we have an official name for this ailment: mouse rage syndrome.


ABOUT E-venture

Every successful business has it. That one special thing. Ours is passion. A driving inspirational force that drives us to excel in what we do.
E- venture Enterprises Ltd. is a Nairobi based dynamic team of business developers, designers and web site programmers specializing in marketing analysis, promotion, corporate design, web design & programming and e-commerce solutions - the perfect mix for all your promotional needs.
When it comes to the promotional needs of our clients our highly qualified international key staff guarantee continuity and efficiency in the creation and implementation of our products and provide continuous customer consultation. Our designers and web site developers, who are among the best in the business, employ state-of-the-art technologies to deliver high efficiency and price-competitive marketing solutions.
The internet today - with its integrated dynamic communication technologies - offers many advantages over conventional advertising and communication media and has certainly advanced to the prime resource for corporate information worldwide. To successfully capitalize on these online assets it is crucial to keep your web site alive, to equip it with a voice that can truly fend for and reflect the uniqueness of your enterprise – after all, your website is your most dedicated marketing and advertising agent, relentlessly networking on behalf of your interests; 24/7, without breaks or leaves and to a global audience.

On Time Delivery

In a world where timeliness is everything, delivery becomes a critical component of each success story. At E-venture we focus on all elements that support On Time Delivery and hold ourselves accountable to stringent tolerances. We are so confident in our project planning and punctuality that all our contracts include a delay compensation clause.


Free Websites

..and elephants fly! At E-venture they truely do. We strongly believe in the synergies and benefits of long term business relationships and to consolidate this belief we throw in a free web site to our long term maintenance contracts. Your web site is probably your most valuable and cost effective communication asset - keeping it alive and kicking is our greatest concern.


Professional Tools

Professional work requires professional tools. At E-venture we continuousely invest in professional software to safeguard precision and efficiency of the products we deliver. We also don't sleep when it comes to keeping a sharp focus on new technologies available thereby ensuring our clients get that extra edge they deserve.


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